One more year PIQUERSA was in Municipalia

Publicado: 31 August, 2007

Piquersa en Municipalia

PIQUERSA qualifies its participation in the 14th edition of Municipalia as outstanding after another year in this benchmark event in Lleida. PIQUERSA products impress professionals in the sector in this new edition.


Municipalia has become one of the reference events for the leading firms in the sector and PIQUERSA has become one of the leaders in machinery for urban and environmental services. During its more than 35 years of history, PIQUERSA has designed, manufactured and marketed a wide range of products capable of responding to the most demanding customer needs. Currently, PIQUERSA is among the main Spanish manufacturers of dumpers and concrete mixers, and is also number 1 in urban cleaning machines.

“La Fuerza Verde” by PIQUERSA once again amazed professionals in the sector, not only because of the breadth of its offer in this market, but also because of the excellent work that the Almería firm demonstrates year after year.

On this occasion the machinery on display was an APPLIED 636, the new model of this compact sweeper firm, a SCARAB MINOR, well known in the sector given its good results, three PIQUERSA BA-1500-AC, BA-2000H mechanical sweepers with transmission hydrostatic and BA-2500-AC. Complemented by a Cherrington 4000 Beach Cleaner. Within the construction sector, the finishes on display were an H-1000 self-concrete mixer with four-wheel drive and hydrostatic, and two dumpers, a D-2000-AC and a hydrostatic D-2500H.

PIQUERSA sweepers

Among the many good sweepers on the market, the PIQUERSA models are undoubtedly among those that know how to do their job best. Robustness, efficiency and easy handling characterize these sweepers. Through its patented system, garbage is immediately and automatically collected and deposited in the sweeping box, which is raised hydraulically and discharged into the sweeper's hopper.

The range of sweepers that PIQUERSA manufactures and distributes can be considered one of the most complete among the distributors of this type of machinery, according to the opinion of professionals. On the one hand, the client has PIQUERSA mechanical sweepers, ideal for the toughest jobs where a resistant and versatile machine is the best solution. On the other hand, you can also opt for the SCARAB SWEEPERS and APPLIED SWEEPERS suction sweepers.

SUCTION Sweepers

One of the sweepers on display was the SCARAB MINOR, an outstanding urban machine, without rivals in its class, both for movement and sweeping and are designed to operate under the most demanding working conditions. This type of sweepers have the CAN-bus system, a control system with identifiers using symbols to clearly see the sweeping functions, in addition to the power of this system to perform diagnostic functions, finding and rectifying possible faults.

piquersa municipalia

Another of the machines exhibited by PIQUERSA was an APPLIED 636AV, the undisputed world leader in small sweepers. It is the ideal solution for sweeping city centers, sidewalks, and other pedestrian areas beyond the reach of more traditional and large road sweepers; These machines achieve the highest levels of quality by sweeping in hard-to-reach areas, collecting all kinds of garbage such as cans, cigarette butts, fast food wrappers, etc. It is an effective, reliable and easy-to-use machine, while at the same time being a technologically advanced product. Operator comfort is also improved with ergonomically arranged controls. Like SCARAB sweepers, APPLIED has a computerized sweeping control system called IQAN, which simplifies operation for operators and records the work performed and maintenance required.

PIQUERSA knows and is specialized in the sweeper market, providing the ideal solution for each type of customer, with customer satisfaction being the absolute priority.

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