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PIQUERSA sweepers again demonstrated his versatility in any terrain and work. In this case it was the company CESPA that, using the BA-2500H-AG, has been working tirelessly in the recovery of areas affected by the past floods in the Spanish Levant and especially in the Region of Murcia.

Due to excessive accumulation of land dumper converted PIQUERSA sweepers were working day and night to repair the damage. The open hopper dumper type, large capacity and almost no maintenance, allowed CESPA work intensively during all phases of cleaning to get back to the city the best appearance.

This ability to quickly transform the sweeper in dumper by exchanging the scoop was the determining factor in the decision of this type of machine by CESPA.

The main advantages of PIQUERSA sweepers are its robustness, efficiency and ease of use. Perfect for the toughest jobs, PIQUERSA sweepers are ideal for cities downtowns, markets and flea markets, as well as areas with excess soil, sand and bulky items that require a machine with high efficiency and high load capacity supplemented almost zero maintenance compared to other collection systems that are offered on the market.

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