Piquersa - Navidad 2022

Faced with adversity is when good work for years is demonstrated. And at PIQUERSA we have managed to grow in this difficult year for everyone.

On these important dates, we would like to thanks the great effort of our distributors, collaborators and clients, thanking them for the trust in our products for another year more. Without them it would not have been possible.

All PIQUERSA team wishes you a healthy and prosperous next year.

Piquersa - Tablada Sevilla

Tablada's Air Barracks (Seville), joins the long list of military headquarters in which PIQUERSA has a presence.

Last week a sweeper type dumper BA-1750-AC was delivered by our distributor in Seville AVANCE MAQUINARIA, for ACAR Tablada. This sweeper adapts very well to the needs of this type of installation due to its versatility. Since it can be used to perform both road cleaning and maintenance tasks, such as clearing gardens or construction, among others. The easy use, minimal maintenance, and the great quality-performance ratio of PIQUERSA machinery, makes institutions of the Army category look at our brand and place their trust in our products for cleaning and maintenance of their facilities.

It is an honour that the Army continues to expand its fleet of cleaning and maintenance vehicles with PIQUERSA machinery.

Piquersa - Dumper - Cementerio

Cleaning and maintenance work has been intensified in the cemeteries for November 1 to celebrate the feast of All Saint's Day.

These days a large influx of public is expected in these spaces, so cleaning and disinfection services have been reinforced with the aim that the facilities are in optimal condition.

The PIQUERSA Sweepers are in charge of cleaning and disinfecting common areas. While, for gardening, construction and other services, PIQUERSA Dumpers are highly valued for their versatility.

For this reason, the PIQUERSA Sweepers and Dumpers that provide service in the different cemeteries of the national territory are currently working at full capacity to offer the best service to visitors these days.

The BA-1750H-AC sweeper reinforces the cleaning services for removing the ash expelled by the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma.

The current situation on the island of La Palma, caused by the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, obliged the cleaning services to reinforce their Staff in the removal of the ashes that the volcano has been ejecting during these weeks.

It is of great importance that the volcanic ash removal efforts are efficient to avoid major problems and, therefore, that it can return to relative normality as soon as possible.

Our BA-1750H-AC sweeper has been in zone zero, removing volcanic ash from the public road and the sweeping behavior is giving great results. The complexity of this kind of waste means that not just any type of machinery is suitable for its removal. In this regard, the PIQUERSA sweeper is complying with solvency, in the face of an extreme situation and conditions, such as the one they are experiencing on the island.

From PIQUERSA we want to send our most sincere support and solidarity with all those affected by the eruption of the volcano.

Piquersa BA-2300H SV
The new version made, a machine already consolidated in the market, more efficient, faster and safer.

From the R+D+i department of PIQUERSA MAQUINARIA we are constantly developing and updating our products to adapt to the market and customer needs.

That is why we are pleased to inform you of the new version of our BA-2300H SV sweeper.

At PIQUERSA we are aware of the respect for the environment, so one of the biggest novelties is the incorporation of the new Perkins 49 HP TurboDiésel Stage V engine. Much more efficient, lower gas emissions and lower fuel consumption by having three sweeping modes: ECO, CRUISE and POWER.

With this new engine, the sweeper has a higher travel speed, reaching up to 38Km/h, thus optimizing the time spent traveling between different workplaces. Being able to limit, optionally, the travel speed to 24.5 km/h.

Another novelty that this new version incorporates is a four-wheel steering system. Thanks to this, the sweeper has greater ease of use, which makes it ideal for places with difficult access.

One of the points that PIQUERSA considers important is the comfort and ergonomics of the operators. That is why we have implemented a new tilting front axle system with leaf springs for greater and better stability of the sweeper, which together with the installation of a pneumatic seat, adjustable in weight and height, provides greater comfort to the user.

This new version has a higher discharge height (1.400 mm) of the hopper, thus reaching a optimal emptying height for the vast majority of containers.

Continuing in the line of optimizing costs and resources, at PIQUERSA we have developed a new system of water nozzles with adjustable flow, which can be controlled from the cabin, making the most of the 400 l of the new water tank.

In this update, the new model has a greater sweep width, going from 2.300mm in the previous version to 2.480mm in the new version, thus increasing work performance, with the possibility of expanding to 3.030mm with the installation of a third front brush, so that the sweeper can reach more inaccessible places such as the curbs of the sidewalks and corners.

Piquersa - Al Shirawi

PIQUERSA and AL-SHIRAWI ENTERPRISES sign a distribution agreement, which consolidates the presence of the Almeria brand in the Middle East.

At PIQUERSA we are proud to announce that AL-SHIRAWI ENTERPRISES will be the exclusive distributor for our products in the United Arab Emirates. Who, from the first moment, has always shown great interest in our brand.

AL-SHIRAWI ENTERPRISES belongs to a holding that is made up of a total of 45 companies, with more than 40 years of experience in the automotive and machinery sector. It is currently among the largest companies in the Middle East and plays a key role in the Arabian Gulf Economy.

With this new range of machinery for sweepers, dumpers and concrete mixers, AL-SHIRAWI ENTERPRISES will be able to offer its customers greater diversity, while maintaining its quality and excellent service.

That way PIQUERSA reinforce, its presence in a market with great economic potential such as the United Arab Emirates.

Piquersa - Cespa - Puerto Almería
The new machine offers the maximum respect for the environment by using a minimum quantity of water and fuel.

Ferrovial, the company in charge of the street cleaning and waste collection service of the Port of Almería, has replaced an obsolete mechanical sweeper with an avant-garde sweeper. The new sweeper BA-2300H, which also incorporates a flushing equipment, has been delivered by the Piquersa company to Cespa, in a demonstration event attended by the president of the Almería Port Authority, Jesús Caicedo, the manager of Piquersa Maquinaria, Inmmaculada Piquer, the quality manager of Cespa in Almería, Juan Leal, and Moisés Linares, from the machinery company Guillermo García Muñoz.

With an Avant-garde design and panoramic vision, the sweeper is distinguished by its reliability, power and manageability, as well as by the quality of the sweep it performs. Its advanced hydraulic and simple electronics optimize maintenance costs, and thanks to the drag sweep system designed and patented by Piquersa, it offers maximum respect for environment by using a minimum quantity of water and fuel (3.5 liters/hour). By lacking suction turbines, noise and dust emissions are significantly reduced compared to other cleaning methods. Likewise, its system allows to collect from large quantity of sand to bulky objects such as glass bottles, boxes and difficult objects such as hangers.

Seaports are one of the most aggressive and difficult to maintain environments and only the best sweepers can guarantee optimal results. In this way, Port of Almería faith on reaching the highest standards of cleanliness in its facilities, especially when all projections foresee a significant increase in commercial activity.

Piquersa - Barredoras Medina

Cities as important as Ryadh, Dammam or Jeddah have used Piquersa sweepers for their cleaning services for years. Now, nine BA-2300H units are added to this list for the city of Medina.

Bee'ah, leading environmental management company in the UAE, is now expanding with 3 new contracts for cleaning, collecting and recycling waste in Medina, covering the North, West and East regions. PIQUERSA sweepers are part of the comprehensive roadmap that Bee'ah has developed to support Madinah's transition to a sustainable city of the future within the Saudi Vision 2030 program, deploying 3,000 workers, 350 advanced waste collection units, sweepers of streets and MSW collection trucks.

The nine BA-2300Hs units will have to work in a really harsh environment, with a large amount and types of waste, the extreme climate and the amount of sand. These conditions mean that very few sweepers on the market are capable of operating optimally, highlighting the Piquersa's mechanical sweeping and rejecting other types of sweeping.

PIQUERSA consolidates in that way its presence in the Middle East as one of the leading suppliers of sweepers, providing street cleaning solutions in one of the most demanding markets and with more extreme working conditions in the world.

Piquersa - Polonia
At the beginning of the year, PIWI company became a distributor of PIQUERSA products for the Polish market.
PIWI is a solid Polish company located in Krakow from where it provides its services of supplying the main international brands of construction tools and machinery throughout the country.
As dealer of PIQUERSA sweepers, dumpers and concrete mixers they want to reach a new market segment that in Poland is experiencing high growth rates in recent times. The commercial activity is further strengthened by its strong after-sales and rental services.
The prospect for this market is high and it is expected a rapid positioning to consolidate the brand throughout the region.
PIQUERSA has made in collaboration with the Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion (EXTENDA) a promotional video about its export activity.

The consolidated internationalization of Piquersa has motivated Extenda to show it as an example of an Andalusian industrial exporting company. From the Middle East to the south of Chile, PIQUERSA sweepers and dumpers are present in more than 20 international markets.

The video is available through the Agency's portal on Extenda TV:
Piquersa - Aljaraque
Comercial Roldán Onubense de Maquinaria, S.L. has just delivered a new PIQUERSA BA-2000H towed sweeper at the Aljaraque Town Hall (Huelva).

This beautiful Huelva municipality is located within the Marismas del Odiel Natural Park and given its proximity to Huelva city, its population has grown a lot in recent years and increases the municipal services.

Aljaraque already had a PIQUERSA sweeper that despite its more than 12 years, continues to provide cleaning service. In recent times, another sweeper with totally different characteristics has been incorporated but it has not been able to improve the street cleaning of the municipality.

To provide a definitive solution to clean its streets, the City Council has once again placed its trust in PIQUERSA through the acquisition of another BA-2000H sweeper.

This sweeper has recently been delivered through the distributor Comercial Roldán Onubense de Maquinaria S.L. who will provide the after- service for this unit and will guarantee it proper operation. The delivery was attended by the Councilor for Services, Adrián Cano (right) and the Commercial Director of Comercial Roldán, Daniel Roldán.

Comercial Roldán has a long history of marketing and providing service to PIQUERSA sweepers, so it is one of the main PIQUERSA distributors throughout Spain. Daniel Roldán has highlighted the advantages of PIQUERSA drag sweeping, which makes it one of the best options for those municipalities that seek the highest quality at the best price and with very low maintenance costs.





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