Urbaser’s cleaning service contract in Vera has just incorporated two new BA-2300H sweepers.
Piquersa - UrbaserThere are many Spanish towns who enjoy clean streets thanks to the BA-2300H sweeper PIQUERSA but among them stands Vera.

Recently the service has been strengthened with the addition of two new BA-2300H units, fully trusting the cleanliness of its streets to PIQUERSA sweepers. The vacationers municipality had three other sweepers of the same model and recently has acquired two more units of BA-2300H, becoming the Spanish municipality with more units of the same model working together.

Responsible City Council highlighted the versatility of the BA-2300H to collect all kinds of waste. This is a fact especially important in a large city with several population centers where the influence of tourists is very high throughout the year. The high sweeping quality of BA-2300H has been improved with a new design of the sweeping implement, allowing greater dust control and better performance with fine sand.  

These characteristics, along with easy maintenance and cost, make the BA-2300H a favorite sweeper for Cleaning Companies and municipalities. These advantages, along with the rest of PIQUERSA mechanical sweepers, are allowing PIQUERSA position itself as leaders in providing sweepers in several international markets.
Past October 29th, PIQUERSA celebrated in Toledo a new presentation of its range of Road Sweepers and construction equipment. The act was attended by many customers and distributors from all cities of Spain.
Piquersa - Jornada Toledo
PIQUERSA usually organize Open Days presenting their products to bring the latest developments to its customers. This time, the event took place at the facilities of the dealer for the historic city of Toledo, Aislamientos y Cubiertas González, S.L.U.

Distributors and Clients were able to see the high level of performance of PIQUERSA Mechanical Sweepers and Piquersa powerful Vacuum Sweepers models. With this action Piquersa offers a wide variety of road sweepers depending on the needs of each client. The construction range of products was present by different models of dumpers and concrete mixers. During the presentation, exigent sweeping tests were carried out with high amounts of waste and debris of different nature with a great result, as per the opinion of the clients and distributors.

Great attention staged the BA-2300H (2 m3 capacity) and the BA-40.6 (4 m3), two models with different sweeping system (mechanical and vacuum systems) although the BA-2000H, one of the best sold models of Piquersa, also received high praise, especially users who already know.

After the demonstrations, which were attended by over 100 guests, a lunch was served during which it was possible to talk about the virtues of each different sweeping systems.
The Spanish manufacturer presents a unique solution on the market: a 2 m3 model with 100% a patented mechanical sweeping system, as an alternative to traditional suction sweepers. Piquersa demonstrated the efficiency and economy of its mechanical system in the past cleaning contract of Makkah city, where contributed supplying with more than fifty units sweeper model BA-2000H (1 m3 capacity and performance, 25.200 m2 per hour).

Piquersa Arabia Saudi The efficiency of Piquersa sweepers lies in those values: high performance, mechanical simplicity and durability.

With one of the lowest maintenance costs of the market, it is one of the best options valued by international municipalities and cleaning companies. The almost total absence of electronics allows vehicles always ready to work.

Piquersa Arabia Saudi - Limpieza The BA-2300H model with stock available in the country, offers a load capacity of 2 complete m3 and a sweeping width of 2,300 mm. Its innovative design and high performance make it a product suitable for both the city center to the suburbs, where there are more residues and a hard cleaning task is required. It is in these situations where Piquersa offers its maximum performance. The mechanical sweeping system, patented by Piquersa, is able to collect without effort and almost no wear, bulky items such as fruit, boxes, bottles and plastics, especially sand and stones placed on the shoulders of the streets and roads.

Thanks to the collaboration of its local agent, an expert into the sweepers market in Saudi Arabia, Piquersa hopes to expand its new model among major municipalities and contractors in the area.
Porcelanosa Group has relied on PIQUERSA equipment for the expansion of its facilities in Villareal (Castellon).
Piquersa Porcelanosa Porcelanosa Group is continuously expanding and now is time for the United States; as evidenced by the recent opening of one of the most exclusive showrooms in Manhattan.

Thanks to the strong internationalization, PORCELANOSA Grupo is present in almost 100 countries worldwide. Porcelanosa productive structure also reflects these strong growth rates, making necessary adjustments and extensions to fit to the demand.

Porcelanosa production center in Villarreal has relied on PIQUERSA for the enlargement process. In the month of August, two dumpers and one concrete mixer were delivered to simplify and speed up the works that are being.

Emphasize that it is not the first time Porcelanosa has Piquersa machines due to it acquired the first units many years ago so it has the quality well checked.

Construction, landscaping, livestock, industry, cleaning, ..., many fields of application in which PIQUERSA machines perform their best work to facilitate and expedite the work. Their versatility, strength and low maintenance costs make the dumpers and concrete mixers of PIQUERSA the best option.
The machinery sector in Spain again takes the pulse on the rental market as confirmed in the Forum ASEAMAC, Spanish Association of Renters of machinery for construction and urban cleaning machinery, which have the sights set on 2015, following the 1.6% growth founded in comparison to 2014.
Piquersa - VRS - Maquinaria
It is good news that the industry welcomes after several years characterized by outputting all the existing machinery park in the country. The renewal of machinery parks is another indicator of stabilization in the construction sector in Spain, after years in which it has bottomed. The scarcity of projects has reinforced the trend of construction companies for rental machinery instead of investing their own resources in machinery parks. This allows renters a renewal of their fleets what surely will benefit manufacturers. The outlook for the sector for the coming years point to a sustained recovery, being Spain one of the countries with most growth expectations for the next 12 months, according to some operators in the rental sector.

A qualitative level, from the forum ASEMAC a message to OEMs was sent in the direction of the need to develop durable, versatile and easy to maintain equipment, avoiding the inclusion of highly sophisticated technology on models that are intended to rent. Since its inception the values ??representing the brand Piquersa were the simplicity, performance and durability "factors that today are still valued by clients nationwide and internationally.

“Se puede hacer mejor. Se puede hacer más sencillo y nosotros vamos a hacerlo”

Ecoparc 1, the most important and modern composting plant of the city,d has recently acquired one Piquersa unit to optimize the cleaning service.

Piquersa - BA-2300H - Ecoparc1
On past April 16th, one unit of BA-2300H was delivered to our esteemed client ECOPARK 1, located at Barcelona’s Free Zone, where is placed the largest treatment plant for Municipal Solid Waste of the city and one of the most innovative in Spain. These new facilities are operative continuously throughout the year, so maintenance is an important part of the process. This work is realized under hard and exigent cleaning conditions and cannot be carried out by any sweeper.

Eva Haro, manager for Health and Safety of Ecopark 1, highlighted the high productivity of the BA-2300H to cope with all kinds of waste, from small as sand and leaves, to the larger and heavier as rocks or bottles. Likewise, Francisco Quintieri, Manager Ecopark 1 specially pointed to the easy and low maintenance costs plus a very low fuel consumption, which allows for the lowest CO2 emissions in its class.

The delivery and commissioning of the street sweeper was made by Ms. Sonia López and Mr. José Antonio Ortega from VRS MAQUINARIA, the exclusive distributor of Piquersa brand in Catalunya, which with its high experience in the sector, ensures superior support for this, never stop working, BA-2300H. The ceremony was also attended by Piquersa Area Manager, Mr. Abel Mera. PIQUERSA offers into Spain one of the largest range of products for Urban Cleaning tasks. Accordingly, PIQUERSA guarantees its customers the best solution that suits its needs, not limiting it to a single option.

PIQUERSA Solutions

This month we celebrate the first anniversary of Piquersa, working at Dubai, UAE.

Piquersa sweepers celebrate its first anniversary at Dubai, where our client SITA TRASHCO ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS L.L.C. is carrying out the Waste Management and Street Cleaning service, since one year ago. The working area is placed at Umm Suqeim district one of the best valued residential areas of the city, where also it is placed the 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab, as it is seen on the image.
Piquersa Street sweeper BA-2000H at Jumeirah road, Dubai, UAE.
To be present at United Arab Emirates, reinforces the name of Piquersa and suppose a unique showroom for the Spanish manufacturer. Working at this region of the world means a hard test due to the extreme conditions present there: high temperatures 45º Celsius, high quantities of dust, earth, sand and long working days: 16 working hours per day. Being successful at these conditions is with no doubt the best test and the best promotion for the “Green Force”, that continues extending its presence at Middle East markets.

Simplicity, Performance and Durability are the key points of Piquersa sweepers and the reason why, our clients chose our brand. Simplicity thanks to the total absence of electronics (0 %) what permits to do quick repairs and maintenances, without an specialized technician. Performance, one of the highest of the market thanks to its Mechanical Sweeping System, able to collect any kind of residue specially indicated for areas with high quantity of dust, sand and earth, as well as high level of dirt and debris (cans, bottles, plastics, garbage bags). Durability, Piquersa sweepers are designed based on an extra resistant chassis with 100% European first quality components, that endure over the years without loss of performance.

Once more: easy, effective and durable solutions for the daily hard work.
The constant development of environmental sector makes to the companies and professionals responsible for urban cleaning projects to require more and more effective machinery, highly productive, able to reduce sweeping times and at the same time increasing the quality of the service.
Piquersa - BA-2300H - CanBUS PIQUERSA, as always, has developed solutions in order to meet the needs of these professionals. The model BA-2300H launched on 2010 is a proof of that: The only mechanical compact sweeper in its class with continuous sweeping system.

Now, PIQUERSA is pleased to inform to its customers about the launching of a new version of its BA-2300H: "Evolution-1". The news are based on technological developments such as the installation of the CANbus control. This system allows controlling different functions of the sweeper and provides the operating information for the operator and maintenance personnel.

With the intention to go head developing new solutions, Piquersa brings a new concept for its range of products: 'Combi' version. Developed on the basis of BA-2300H, Combi version incorporates a high pressure wash-down bar mounted on the front of the vehicle with both vertical and horizontal movement, everything controlled easily by the operator from the cockpit. For this purpose, the water tank capacity is extended, being very useful for washing the squares of the city.

It is a response to the needs of our customers for service of Sweeping and washing the public spaces with the aim of improving the quality of its service. Thanks to the combined action of sweeping and washing we achieve an intelligent solution: the performance of two machines with a single investment.  

Modern design, compact size, ideal for a cosmopolitan places, resorts, sea and air ports, promenades and any space that needs a high performance Sweeper aesthetics.

Another again, "The Green force" takes care of the environment. BA-2300H, definitely is a Premium machine for urban cleaning works.
"Supplying the different markets in Palma is a task that involves a core of distribution and organization of existing food resources on the island; this core, fundamental link in the marketing chain, is Mercapalma." So begins Mercapalma website, central market of Palma de Mallorca and key nucleus in the fresh food supply throughout the island.

Mercapalma - Piquersa

Such a complex organization as a central market in an island requires an organization and the highest standards services so that nothing fails. Some of these services have been entrusted for many years to PIQUERSA sweepers. This year some equipment had to be renewaled and again, Mercapalma has had PIQUERSA sweepers to keep their facilities in perfectly clean, ready to offer their best products to its customers.

On this occasion, the selected model was the BA-1500-AC: small size sweeper able to access the most difficult areas and collect the heaviest trash. Being a type dumper sweeper, allowing collection of large objects such as pallets or boxes without sacrificing maximum sweeping quality. During delivery, responsible for Mercapalma noted that after more than 40 years of experience and after trying different types of sweepers, they can corroborate that PIQUERSA sweepers are the best cleaning equipment for this type of facilities where the residue concentration is very high every day.

Again PIQUERSA consolidated as a leader in cleaning solutions among major food markets in Spain. Its effectiveness, high performance, durability and very low maintenance costs, make the PIQUERSA sweepers  one preferred options in the professionals sweeping sector.

TEYMO, the official Piquersa distributor for the Community of Madrid, recently inaugurated its new facilities to allow greater presence and better service in the area.

Piquersa - Teymo Madrid - Dumpers Barredoras On November, 12nd and 13th of 2014, in TEYMO facilities in Getafe (Madrid), was held an open day due because of the inauguration of the new facilities. The event was attended by many customers, Municipal services companies, construction companies and mayors from different municipalities, the audience, was divided into two groups, followed a full tour of the facilities and had the opportunity to see PIQUERSA different models for construction and street cleaning.

After the visit the guests enjoyed a snack during which they had the opportunity to socialize among themselves about the products available of the firm.

As detailed before, TEYMO MACHINERY is the official PIQUERSA distributor in Madrid City. The company has more than 30 years of experience in the sector, belonging to a group of companies located in the south of the country. Now it has decided to locate its new facility in the industrial area of Cerro de Los Angeles, for its good location (in the center of Spain) and very good access from all motorways that connect with the rest of the country. The facilities are 3,000 m2 dedicated for workshop, exhibition, warehouse, offices and car service workshop.

Abel Mera, Area Manager of PIQUERSA, points that the final customer will highly appreciate the benefits of these new facilities. Among the advantages, Mera specially indicates the wide range of products for immediate delivery, experience, effective after sales service, high reliability at management, product quality and good location right on the A-4 motorway with nearly by 2 million vehicles in daily transit, which offers "the best showroom". They all are advantages "which will impact positively on the clients experience"; if so far, the service was good, "now it will be exceptional". This agreement will "increase sales and improve customer satisfaction".

In addition to the recently opened new offices at Madrid, the company already has other offices in Granada, Motril, Malaga, Marbella, Velez-Malaga and Estepona. From this new location, TEYMO MACHINERY intends to supply the market needs of Madrid.
Marrakech, the most emblematic city of Morocco, is one of the capital's that has hosted during December 2014 World Clubs Cup, also known as "el Mundialito". This event is a unique opportunity to project the country's image worldwide. Therefore, a priority for the city council is the cleaning of the streets. The company responsible for the service, SOS-NDD has relied on Piquersa sweepers for this important function.

Specifically has acquired seven units of the model BA-2300H, one of the latest models launched by Piquersa. This is a sweeper of 2 m3 capacity, with height discharge at 1,35 meters height, direct to the container that makes easier the work of operators. Its Mechanical Sweeping System, allows quickly cleaning and highly effective features that define the Piquersa brand perfectly.

Piquersa takes several years present in the neighboring country, having the largest market share in its sweeper’s segment. The reason for this success is based on the values that represent Piquersa machines: one of the highest performances at sweeping, high resistance and simplicity. These are the reason that facilitates the hard work that requires the cleaning of a city. This is more than demonstrated and proven over years in Morocco with very high level of demand from specialized firms.

So, tell us senior officials of the "Société de Maintenance de la Ville de Marrakech" (SOS-NDD Group), whom we thank them for their confidence on our brand.
Piquersa - Marrakech





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