Piquersa - Desinfección
Once the State of Alarm Decree is finished and on the way of the "New Normality", we are aware that while there are possibilities of outbreaks of COVID19, we will have to get used to living with masks, safety distance and taking extreme precautions in the spaces public in which it will be essential to carry out regular disinfections.


Piquersa, in constant innovation to offer the best services to our clients and respond to their needs, has carried out the development of a KIT called "Disinfection / Fumigation Equipment".

Our main objective is to collaborate with municipalities, public entities, service companies, etc. in its fight against COVID19 and / or in its prevention.

The aforementioned equipment is totally suitable to be installed in dumpers and sweepers and will have a ceramic high-pressure pump, a 100-meter hose with a manual hose reel, a high-pressure gun and two rear bars with sprayers that will allow highly effective disinfection of large surfaces such as squares, urban furniture, playgrounds and in general areas of difficult access.

Objective: Minimize the possibility of contagion!

This equipment will be suitable for use with products such as sodium hypochlorite (bleach), hydrogen peroxide (peroxide), ethanol (alcohol), etc.

It may also be used for fumigation work with the phytosanitary products authorized by the EC.
Piquersa - Hidrostaticos 2000
Dumpers 2000 Kg

PIQUERSA has just incorporated into its production line the range of hydrostatic dumpers of 2,000 Kg. payload. The new series is made up of the front discharge, self-loading, rotating discharge and self-loading with rotating discharge versions.

These dumpers present great advantages over those already on the market, offering the highest capacity hopper on the market, an excellent turning radius and a large maximum overcome slope, as well as incorporating four wheel motors and joystick control.

Especially interesting are the D-2000H-AC and D-2000H-AG models that have the robust PIQUERSA shovel with standard teeth.

The new PIQUERSA D-2000H series add to the widest range of dumpers available on the market, offering a solution tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Piquersa - Ecuador - Quito

For sure, this year 2020 will be marked by the serious health crisis of Covid-19 that is affecting the entire planet. Measures of all kinds are being taken to contain the spread of the virus and one of the measures taken is the disinfection of streets, squares, parks, roads and street furniture.

From PIQUERSA we have contributed our grain of sand by manufacturing equipment that performs this function thanks to its water tanks that are now being used with disinfectant liquids and also, thanks to its high-pressure kit, which with a pressure of 180 bar, applies directly the disinfectant in any area that could be affected.

Ya son muchas las ciudades donde estamos presentes y que están utilizando nuestra gama de barredoras y dumpers multifunción para la desinfección.

There are so many cities using our range of multifunction sweepers and dumpers for disinfection.
In the picture, a BA-2000-H road sweeper with a high-pressure kit is disinfecting the Monument to the "End of the World" in Quito (Ecuador), the place where the line of the equator that divides the planet in the northern and southern hemispheres passes.

If we have reached half the world, we can reach the other half. Let's win the battle against Covid19.

Let's bet on health.
Piquersa - Murcia - Dana
Municipalities such as Los Alcázares or San Javier in the Region of Murcia have once again been affected by a DANA last  week , which has left a chaotic situation in a very dificult environment due to the current confinement as precautionary measures for Covid19

The affected municipalities and service companies have had a very hard work to palliate and restore the conditions of street cleaning, very affected by the floods. In this sense, several PIQUERSA sweepers have been working intensively and in a extremely difficult conditions for removing large quantities of mud and stones. The work of these machines has been decisive to be able restore normality in the shortest possible time.

The robustness of PIQUERSA sweepers has been a key factor for the cleaning technicians could carry out their work, so they can work in a multitude of environments with so many different type of trash.
Piquersa - Ayuntamiento de Gador
El ayuntamiento de Gador recepciona su nueva barredora PIQUERSA que llega para reforzar el servicio de limpieza del municipio, ahora mas que nuca, la limpieza viaria es de suma importancia para evitar la propagación del covid-19. La barredora va equipada con alta presión para llegar a todos los rincones
Piquersa - Baldeadora
The emergence of COVID-19 in our country and the measures adopted to prevent its spread has meant a radical change in the management of urban services for all Spanish populations.

There are multiple and deserved tributes through social networks and different media for all health and supermarket workers. PIQUERSA also wants to join these recognitions.

We also want to extend thanks to all the employees of the street cleaning services in Spain who, with their silent work, continue to work for the maintenance of our streets and squares. It is hard work but necessary to maintain the hygiene of public spaces to avoid the proliferation of infections that aggravate the already complicated situation. We hope that we can return to our daily lives soon and enjoy our cities in a perfect state of cleanliness.

We take the opportunity to inform our customers and suppliers that PIQUERSA has taken all the measures recommended by the competent public authorities and we continue working through all the usual communication channels except for in-person.
The Regional Government of Almería started the last year 2019 an action plan on municipalities with less than 2,000 inhabitans with the double objective of fighting against depopulation and providing them with the same minimum services enjoyed by the largest municipalities. For this purpose, it convened a public tender to supply 11 sweepers and 10 dumpers that was awarded to PIQUERSA on 31st October of last year.

Piquersa - Diputación AlmeríaIn a record time, PIQUERSA has developed a new sweeper model that adapts to the special characteristics of these villages and fully complies with the specifications of the Regional Government. Although the execution period was 90 days, PIQUERSA managed to finish the production of the 21 units within a period of 60 days and obtain the receipt certificate at the end of last December.

The official delivery ceremony was held on 28th January and was attended by the president of the Regional Government, D. Javier Aureliano García, and the Delegate of the Presidency D. Fernando Giménez, who were accompanied by the 21 mayors of the municipalities benefiting from these machines . On behalf of PIQUERSA, the manager Ms. Inmaculada Piquer handed over the keys of the sweepers and dumpers, where she highlighted the firm commitment that this company has with Almería, thanking her staff for the enormous effort to conclude satisfactorily and in the shortest possible time with this order.
Piquersa - Academia Militar Aire - San Javier
Both the Air Force, as Earth Force and the Navy, have already chosen repetedly PIQUERSA equipment for their cleaning, maintenance and construction tasks in multiple centers and quarters.

This time, it has been the General Academy of Air Force of San Javier (Murcia) who has opted for the PIQUERSA BA-2300H sweeper for cleaning its facilities.

The Academy of San Javier is very close to the sea and has extensive vegetation, which means aggressive and special working conditions. The final decision of a BA-2300H has been motivated by its robustness, sweeping quality and simple maintenance.

In other centers of the three Armies, dumper sweepers have been chosen to use the machine in mixed tasks for cleaning, construction and transport of materials. In all cases, the satisfaction of the different quarters with the drag sweep compared to suction sweep has been verified. The easy maintenance has also been highlighted.

PIQUERSA is proud to be an official supplier of the Army and contribute to its maintenance.
Piquersa - Navidad
The machines remain in time in the same way as good actions. From PIQUERSA we will continue offering our best in this year that begins and we hope to share with you.
Piquersa - San Salvador
On October 23rd, our Area Manager for Central and South America, Miguel Hernández, delivered through our dealer in the country, MOTORED, our Piquersa Eco team, BA2300H - FULL EQUIPE to the Mayor of San Salvador, Mr. Ernesto Muyshondt

Piquersa continues to increase its international presence and is already one of the most important references to take into account in Latin America for equipment of Urban Cleaning for its reliability, optimal results, human team available to its customers and as always ... by the assurance of its brand.
Piquersa - Suproval
After several years with very reduced sales of concrete mixers, important growths are being experienced during the last two years.

Throughout the recent crisis, many renters and builders not only stopped acquiring concrete mixers, but also flooded the market with second-hand units. These two facts made sales of new concrete mixers fall tremendously.

Overcome these bad years and in the absence of equipment in the market, the trade of new concrete mixers has awakened strongly and allowed PIQUERSA to recover the prominent position it had in this sector.

The H-625T4-DG model has always been the most demanded among professionals due to its 4x4 traction, mixing system and rotating discharge system. PIQUERSA has other similar models with front discharge or 4x2 traction, in addition to a cubic meter model (H-1000H) with hydrostatic transmission, water tank and rotating driving base.

Suproval, an important renter in Valencia has been one of the first to incorporate several units into its park and estimates this demand will continue to grow at least over the next year. Its development program plans to continue investing in this sector until it reaches one of the





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