New equipment for the Military Horse Breeding Center of Madrid

Publicado: 11 March, 2024

We are pleased to announce the delivery of the PIQUERSA D-1750T4 dumper to the Military Horse Breeding Center of Madrid. The D-1750T4 dumper is a robust and versatile equipment, specially designed for demanding tasks in difficult terrain. With a loading capacity of 1,750 Kg, a 24.5 HP engine, and 4x4 traction, this dumper offers high performance and great efficiency.

The Military Horse Breeding Center of Madrid is a historic institution dedicated to the breeding and improvement of pure Spanish horse breeds. The Piquersa dumper will be used for various tasks within the center, such as material transportation, facility cleaning, and maintenance of grounds and stables.

PIQUERSA, with its commitment to quality and innovation, continues to be a reliable partner for an institution like the Armed Forces of the Ministry of Defense.

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