Quality politics

At PIQUERSA, Quality is essential for the competitiveness of the company and, therefore, for its survival.

For PIQUERSA, Quality means covering the needs and expectations of customers with manufactured products, both externally and internally of the company. All of us who are part of PIQUERSA are at the same time suppliers and clients of each other, so we must satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and be served in the same way.

For PIQUERSA, Quality generates the trust of both the company’s staff and its clients.

Quality means continually improving by preventing errors, not just limiting them to detecting them, but also correcting them, thus avoiding their repetition.

Likewise, to contribute to this, the work environment has to support the development of quality products/services and encourage communication between all PIQUERSA members.

The means used by Piquersa to check the Quality of our products / Services will be appropriate and are selected, calibrated, maintained and controlled to meet the required performance.

Quality is only achieved with the collaboration of all employees, which is why their participation is extremely important both in achieving the planned quality levels and in improving them. Each member of PIQUERSA must act in their role as manager of the resources managed by them and direct them to the proposed purpose.

All of us who work at PIQUERSA must act according to these premises, which are periodically reviewed and adjusted to guarantee optimal conditions and continuous improvement of the organization.

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