PIQUERSA featured at the Multisectoral Exhibition in Baghdad

Publicado: 12 January, 2024
Piquersa - Irak

PIQUERSA MAQUINARIA is proud to announce its participation in the International Multisectoral Exhibition taking place in Baghdad from January 10th to 19th, 2024. This event is made possible through the collaboration and representation of the Al Khafoury Group.

Piquersa- Irak

The exhibition, focused on the engineering, manufacturing, industry, and machinery sectors, provides a unique platform to showcase the latest advances in technology and offers attendees the opportunity to connect with suppliers and distributors from around the world.

PIQUERSA MAQUINARIA wishes to express gratitude for the collaboration and commitment of the Al Khafoury Group in prominently representing our products at this international event.

With PIQUERSA's participation in this exhibition, the company aims to strengthen its brand presence and explore strategic opportunities in the Iraqi market in collaboration with its distributor, the Al Khafoury Group.

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