Publicado: 13 December, 2023

Every day, there is an increasing demand for versatility in the provision of services for public entities, large companies, or even individuals. Every day there is more demand for transversality when providing services to public entities, large companies or even individuals.

The PIQUERSA D-2000H-AC dumper has a loading capacity of 2,000 kg and is equipped with a 25.5 HP KOHLER engine, which, combined with its four-wheel drive, provides the necessary power to overcome slopes of up to 39% at full load.

With the largest shovel bucket in the market, the D-2000H-AC dumper is also the ideal companion for various construction tasks, such as loading, unloading, and transporting materials (sand, gravel, cement, bricks...) or even for debris removal.

One of the main features of the D-2000H-AC is the multifunctional joystick that controls the entire operation of the dumper, facilitating its handling. One of the main features of the D-2000H-AC is the multifunction joystick from which you can control all the operation of the Dumper. Which makes handling easier

Another utility area where the D-2000H-AC provides assistance is in the removal of bulky objects from municipal cleaning services. Thanks to the volume of its open hopper, it can remove old furniture or large bags of waste.

To complement cleaning, the D-2000H-AC dumper offers the optional High-Pressure Kit, consisting of a 350L water tank and a 120-bar pressure gun. It also includes the option to install a tow hook with a towing capacity of up to 1,600 kg, allowing attachment of a trailer for material or tool transport, or a tank for street cleaning.

The D-2000H-AC model has a turning radius of 395 cm, increasing its manoeuvrability in confined spaces such as stables, farms, or greenhouses. In these places, tasks like transporting bales of hay, straw, and forage, feed, manure, etc., are common, and the use of the D-2000H-AC optimizes effort and time for these tasks.

The various attachments that can be equipped on the dumper enhance its versatility. Although the protective roof is standard equipment providing increased vehicle safety, customers can choose the foldable safety arch to use the dumper in low-height spaces.

Also noteworthy are the most common and requested options by our customers, such as the second seat for the passenger, approved lights for vehicle circulation on public roads in low visibility conditions, or the front windshield with a windshield wiper, partially protecting the driver from wind and rain.

One of the main reasons customers acquire the PIQUERSA D-2000H-AC dumper is for gardening tasks. Activities like earthmoving, fertilizer transport, or clearing and cleaning of parks and gardens are common practices in many municipalities.

In high mountain areas with harsh winters of cold and snow, customers also choose the D-2000H-AC dumper for its 4x4 hydrostatic transmission with anti-slip system. Combined with the option to enclose the driver's space, including air conditioning and heating, and the installation of a snowplow blade and rear salt spreader, the dumper becomes a multitasking vehicle very useful in small mountain municipalities, especially in adverse weather conditions. Thanks to this versatility, the D-2000H-AC dumper is highly useful in locations such as ports, bulk handling areas, or military bases, where it can perform various support and maintenance operations.

For all these reasons, the D-2000H-AC dumper is one of the most demanded products among PIQUERSA customers, as it is a guarantee of success, adapting to various intended uses.

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