Publicado: 7 December, 2022

PIQUERSA drag sweeping has established itself as the most effective and profitable proposal for road maintenance. Its 1750, 2300 and 2500 series sweepers are characterized by tackling not only the most common waste, but also the most complex ones such as bulky and heavy objects and large amounts of sand/soil. The very reduced electronics or complete absence in their models, together with a wide range of options that multiply their versatility, make PIQUERSA sweepers one of the preferred options for professionals in the sector.

PIQUERSA has just presented the new BA-2300H SV DUAL that reinforces drag sweeping with aspiration sweeping. The operator can choose at any time between mechanical, suction or mixed sweeping.

The BA-2300H SV DUAL incorporates a direct suction turbine capable of removing large quantities of leaves and dirt through the hydraulic suction mouth positioned in the central front part. All waste passes through the turbine to be crushed and maximize the capacity of the 2 m3 hopper. Dust control is carried out using low-consumption water nebulizers that retain all types of particles without the need to incorporate complex and expensive filter systems.

Why choose between mechanical or vacuum sweeping? The BA-2300H SV DUAL is the best proposal for cleaning vials and where vacuum sweeping alone is not enough.

You can see all the features of this product by clicking here.

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