Piquersa - Churriana
The Granada municipality of Churriana de la Vega continues to expand its fleet of vehicles for street cleaning services, with the incorporation of a new BA-2300H SV sweeper.

Currently, the municipality has up to four PIQUERSA sweepers in its fleet. They are two units of the BA-2000H that, despite their almost 30 years in operation, continue to perform like the first day; one unit of the BA-2300H, an earlier version to the one delivered on this occasion, which was acquired by the corporation in 2018; and the new BA-2300H SV, which incorporates a third front brush, which has been delivered by our distributor for the province of Granada, Suministros Urbanos de Andalucía.

Churriana de la Vega is a clear example of the high quality and durability of PIQUERSA products, as they continue to bet on our brand, to keep their municipality streets clean, decade after decade.

The presentation of the new BA-2300H SV was attended by the mayor of Churriana de la Vega, Mr. Antonio Narváez, the manager of PIQUERSA MAQUINARIA, Mrs. Inmaculada Piquer and Mr. Juanjo Fernández, representing our distributor Suministros Urbanos de Andalucía.

From PIQUERSA we want to thank the entire municipal corporation and especially the street cleaning service team for the trust placed in our sweepers for so many years.

Piquersa - Brasil
PIQUERSA continues to expand its presence in the South American market with the delivery of the first dumper-type sweeper units for Brazil.

On this occasion, it has been delivered to the municipality of São João da Paraúna, through by the hand of our collaborator GMAC LOCADORA, a Brazilian company specialized in the sale, distribution and maintenance of machinery.

Brazil is the country with the largest territory and the largest population in all of Latin America, with extreme weather conditions due to the large amount of dust and high temperatures, which means that the demands for street cleaning are very high.

PIQUERSA dumper-type sweepers, thanks to their great versatility, robustness and easy maintenance, adapt to these demanding conditions in brazilian country.

At PIQUERSA we believe that there is a great growth projection in Brazil together with the collaboration of GMAC LOCADORA and new deliveries are expected to be realized made in the coming months.

Piquersa - Feliz Navidad y Año nuevo 2023

We develop sweepers to have healthy environment. We manufacture dumpers to build a kinder world.

We hope that next year will be even better and together we can celebrate it. Thank you for counting on PIQUERSA.

With our best wishes, happy holidays!

PIQUERSA drag sweeping system has established as the most efficient and profitable proposal for road maintenance. Its sweepers from 1750, 2300 and 2500 series are characterized by coping not only with the most common waste, but also with the most complex ones such as bulky and heavy objects and large amounts of sand/dirt. The very limited or total absence of electronics in their models, together with a wide range of options that multiply their versatility, make PIQUERSA sweepers one of the preferred options by professionals in the sector.

Piquersa - BA2300H SV DUAL

PIQUERSA has just presented the new BA-2300H SV DUAL that reinforces the sweeping equipment by dragging system and the vacuum system. The operator can choose at any time for a mechanical, suction or mixed sweeping.

The BA-2300H SV DUAL incorporates a direct suction turbine capable of removing large amounts of leaves and soil through the hydraulic suction mouth positioned in the central front part. All the waste passes through the turbine to be shredded and maximize the capacity of the 2 m3 hopper. Dust control is carried out using low-consumption water nebulizers that retain all types of particles and without the need to incorporate complex and expensive filter systems.

Why choose between mechanical or suction sweeping? The BA-2300H SV DUAL is the best proposal for road cleaning and where suction sweeping alone is not enough.

In the sweepers>suction section of the PIQUERSA website you can find complete technical information on this model and a demonstration video.

Piquersa - Marruecos - ARMA

ARMA Environnement, the main urban cleaning and waste management company in Morocco, has different PIQUERSA sweepers distributed in the main cities of the country, such as Marrakech, Casablanca or El Jadida. Specifically, the BA-2000H, BA-6000H and BA-2300H models.

From ARMA they are fully satisfied with the performance of the PIQUERSA sweepers. Their great efficiency and robustness stand out, in areas where working conditions are harsh, due to the large number of bulky objects and the presence of sand, which, together with simple maintenance, make them ideal. So they have let us know, reporting that the sweepers have been working daily for more than 2 years without any type of incident or breakdown.

PIQUERSA continues to satisfy its customers in the Alawite Kingdom, achieving a degree of compliance with all expectations.

The Almerian brand has a great presence and recognition throughout the Moroccan territory, where it has hundreds of units spread throughout the country. Currently, it continues to expand its presence in the Alaouite kingdom, with new collaborations.

Piquersa - Zaragoza RSU

URBASER, an international company specializing in environmental management, has recently acquired a PIQUERSA BA-2300H SV sweeper for cleaning the "Zaragoza Urban Waste Treatment Complex" located at the "Alfonso Maíllo" Technological Waste Innovation Center (CIAM), a world benchmark in the development of new technologies and processes for recycling and municipal and industrial waste recovery.

The URBASER facility is one of the biggest in Spain in the comprehensive treatment of municipal waste, serving more than 750,000 citizens of the municipality of Zaragoza and 61 nearby towns, with a capacity to process more than 450,000 t/year from waste sorting.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Treatment Plants have a very high requirement for floor cleaning due to the high volume and wide variety of waste that accumulates. These conditions and characteristics require a highly effective sweeping system and great resistance to long hours. PIQUERSA sweepers, with a 100% mechanical sweeping system and manufactured with top quality materials that guarantee their long life, make them ideal for this type of work thanks to their robustness, simplicity and high performance.

For these and many other reasons, companies at the level of URBASER have the Almeria brand PIQUERSA, for cleaning some of the most important Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plants in Spain.

Piquersa - Canarias - Galdar
The Canarian municipality of Gáldar will have a new BA-2300H SV sweeper owned by the URBASER service company.

Last week, the new model of the BA-2300H SV sweeper was delivered to the URBASER service company, which is currently responsible for street cleaning in the municipality of Gáldar.

This new model has a number of improvements over its previous version. Among them, we can highlight a new 49 CV Stage V TurboDiesel engine with particulate filter, for less gas emission and electronic management for greater efficiency and lower consumption, four-wheel motors for greater manoeuvrability, greater sweep width, greater unloading height and greater comfort and equipment for the driver's cabin.

It is therefore, after many years of collaboration, URBASER continues to rely on PIQUERSA sweepers to provide service in various municipalities in Spain and internationally in its different delegations.

Piquersa - Rohen Canarias
PIQUERSA has just signed a new contract with ROHEN MAQUINARIA for the distribution of all its products in the Canary Islands.

The agreement reached with Carretillas Elevadoras de Tenerife, S.L.U. and which operates under the ROHEN MAQUINARIA brand covers PIQUERSA’s street cleaning and construction lines for the provinces of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Rohen Maquinaria works throughout the Canary Islands, distributing only brands of the first international order in the construction and cleaning sectors. Rohen Maquinaria also has the most complete and extensive technical service in the Canary Islands.

PIQUERSA machines are highly valued by Canarian professionals and councils as they adapt perfectly to their singularity and it is therefore expected that the PIQUERSA-ROHEN union will strengthen the almerian brand as a benchmark throughout the island Council.

Piquersa - Marsella
French service company, SAS Ocean, delivered a BA-6000H sweeper to provide service in the Sète Port.

PIQUERSA MAQUINARIA continues to expand its international network, with the delivery of a sweeper with a 3,500 Kg load, for Sète Port (Montpellier), by SAS Ocean, an urban services company located in the south of France. It is the BA-6000H model, which is the largest capacity sweeper of the PIQUERSA brand.

The PIQUERSA sweepers have a great presence in the different ports of the Spanish coast, since, thanks to its sweeping system by dragging, they make it an ideal sweeper to work under the conditions of humidity and sand dust that are present in the ports.

Sète Port is the second port in France and very characteristic for its canals. The constant traffic of merchandise and tourists means that a port of this category always search for the excellence in its services, that’s why trusts PIQUERSA to perform dock cleaning and maintenance task.

Piquersa - Diputación Almería
In January 2020, PIQUERSA MAQUINARIA delivered 10 units of the Dumper D-1750T4 to different municipalities in the province of Almería.

The Deputation of Almería will strengthen the training of 180 workers for learning how using the dumpers, with 2 theoretical hours and 4 practical hours.

This training will be realized with the PIQUERSA D-1750T4 dumpers that were delivered in the “1st Dumpers and Sweepers plan” in 2020.

With this training, it is intended to train workers in the use of this type of machinery due to the complexity of the work to be carried out, in many cases due the orography of the land, narrow streets or with long slopes.

By mean of PIQUERSA dumpers, these municipalities have improved municipal services, such as the execution of small and medium works, which are very important for the development of theses small municipalities and the improvement of the quality of the residents.

Piquersa - Surban

New delivery by our distributor in Granada, Suministros Urbanos de Andalucía, of a Piquersa dumper-type sweeper, to Masvalia Integra, a company with great concern to provide handicapped person that aims to provide people with disabilities with productive and remunerated work paid work that is appropriate adapted to their personal characteristics, facilitating their labor professional integration into the ordinary labor market.

Due to the incorporation of this new model, they can effectively honour the various cleaning and maintenance to the applicable contracts you will be able to efficiently carry out the different cleaning and maintenance service contracts that are in force.





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