The first sweeper BA-2300H was delivered the last July to the largest urban cleaning company in Kuwait and other close countries, the National Cleaning Company, by the hand of our distributor in the country, Unico Cleaning Supplies. In this way Piquersa starts with a firm step in Kuwait, since the destiny of this first machine will be the cleaning of the exteriors of the National Assembly of the State of Kuwait, the nerve center of the political life of the country.

Piquersa - Kuwait

During the presentation of the sweeper, the company from Almeria has offered technical training to the staff of National Cleaning Company, who, together with the distributor in the country, will ensure the perfect maintenance of Piquersa equipment in Kuwait.

With this start, the Spanish company strengthens its presence in the Middle East, adding to the presence in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries. Piquersa sweepers are ideal for environments with lots of sand and where you have to collect large objects, which makes them the most suitable product in this environment.

PIQUERSA disembarks in a new European country with the presentation in Romania of two of its sweepers, specifically the models BA-2300H and BA-2500-AC, which have received a great acceptance by the urban cleaning companies and councils all over the country. The introduction in Romania is carried out by our dealer JPS, who also provides a professional technical service throughout the country, assuring in that way the satisfaction of all customers, both from the point of view of advice for the best purchase as in the after sales service and reviews of sweepers and dumpers.

Piquersa - Rumania

The Balkan country becomes then an important market for the Spanish company given the suitability of its products for this country. Thanks to the versatility of its sweepers, its robustness, efficiency in sandy grounds and easy maintenance, Piquersa machines are an excellent option for the Romanian cities.

Both machines have standed out by their difference from suction sweepers, with faster collection, ecology by their engines, less noise due to the absence of a turbine and the possibility of installing a snowplow and salt spreader, which allows their use in all kinds of streets and private facilities during the cold winter.

GRAU MAQUINARIA is one of the most representative companies in the commercialization of machinery and equipment for the construction sector, public works, municipal services, etc., of Catalonia, and for this reason PIQUERSA wanted to undertake a new stage in this geographical area by ??the hand of the best team, fully convinced that this alliance will reinforce the image of Piquersa and will provide great support to our customers.

Piquersa - Grau Maquinaria

PIQUERSA, a reference in the sector of street cleaning, has wanted to consolidate in Catalonia the leadership it has in the rest of Spain, so for this purpose both companies have just reached a distribution agreement.

Grau Maquinaria has had a trajectory of constant growth, which has allowed it to become one of the most important companies in the distribution of construction machinery and urban cleaning.

Its recognized prestige is based on a solid team with a vocation of service and great knowledge of the sector.

Grau Machinery will have demonstration units available to its customers shortly, so it will increase the knowledge of the Piquersa equipment, allowing both companies to consolidate themselves in a sector with a high level of competitiveness.

Piquersa - Portugal We have launched our range of dumpers and sweepers in Portugal, along with the delivery of a new hydrostatic Dumper to the Municipality of Vila do Conde. Among the public, there were the main city service companies and town halls in the country.

 PIQUERSA, along side with its distributor WELLGREEN – CITERGAZ, organized two sets of briefings and practical demonstrations to a big number of important city service companies and municipalities, generating a very positive impact on them. We can highlight the excellent acceptance of our BA-2300H dragging mechanical sweeper, without competition in the Portuguese market, thanks to its sweeping efficiency with sand, bulky objects, working speed, low petrol consumption and easy maintenance.

The introduction of the PIQUERSA’s “GREEN POWER” in Portugal finds its roots at the end of the last Century. After some hard years for the national economy, PIQUERSA expects in a short term to come back to our neighbouring country with the same market share that we had before the crisis and to be a reference in dumpers and sweepers.
Al Yamama Company, the leading urban cleaning company in Saudi Arabia, with a fleet of machinery that exceeds 6000 vehicles, has selected our road sweeper to give service in the second most inhabited city in the country. Al Yamama acquired a fleet of over 30 units of BA-2000H to Yeddah.
PIquersa - Al Yamama

Hardiness, simplicity, economy and high performance in extreme climate conditions (high temperature of the Sahara desert) have been determinant factors for choosing this solution, confirms us the executives of the company.

The combination of two essential points such as the economic cost of acquisition and the technical performance, have positioned our brand as an advantageous and very competitive option.

Customer satisfaction has been high, so that Al Yamama has negotiated strategic alliance with Piquersa, to overtake the supplier-customer relationship to allied partners for commercial representation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and assist the market needs in the private sector.

Thank you our partner “Al Yamama”.

The magnetic bar option has been developed at the request of several customers who had to face the cleaning of areas with high presence of metallic waste and needed an effective and economical solution.

Piquersa Sweeper - Magnetic The magnetic bar implement consists of a support that incorporates magnetic plates with capacity to attract objects up to 20 gr. at 1,300 mm. and with a working width of 2,200 mm. to 3,200 mm. depending on the sweeper. For more difficult cases you can install greater power magnetic plates.

This device can be installed in all PIQUERSA sweepers and allows an exhaustive cleaning of all metallic waste. It is of special interest for cleaning and maintenance of ports and airport areas, industries and in general any area with high amount of metallic waste or where, by regulation, magnetic sweeping is required.

Its operation is very simple, as the device can be folded when its use is not necessary and lifting a scuttle, all collected waste is released. Thanks to the flotation system, it can be adapted to the irregularities of the ground, ensuring a stable working distance to the ground and with zero maintenance; the working distance can be adjusted according to the working conditions.

PIQUERSA sweepers are the best choice of road cleaning for performance and maintenance, price and durability. The evidence is the hundreds of professional customers, private and municipal who trust more and more on PIQUERSA.

Piquersa christmas

Thank you for sharing this year with us We know that customers and friends like you, who have believed in our products, are one of the essential components of our success.

From PIQUERSA we want to transmit to our own staff, customers, suppliers and their families a wish for peace and hope for 2017.

PIQUERSA's strong international expansion is consolidated with the shipment of nine BA-2300H sweepers to Bahrain.

Bahrain is a small Persian Gulf country facing the coast of Saudi Arabia. Like the rest of the surrounding countries, the conditions the sweepers must deal with are one of the most hard and demanding of the world, so only the most robust machines can do them.

Piquersa - BahreinFor this reason, the new distributor company for the cleaning in the country has relied on the performance of the dragging sweeper PIQUERSA BA-2300H acquiring nine units of this model.

The amount of sand and the extreme climate of the country make the cleaning road job very difficult  These circumstances make that the dragging sweepers are the more suitable ones for this job, without electronic systems sensitive to dust and high temperatures. The simplicity on its handling and maintenance have been other factors highlighted by the service company.

Once again it is proved that effectiveness is not at odds with the  simplicity, so the PIQUERSA sweepers are the best example. Therefore the cleaning professionals trust in Piquersa cleaning road solutions more and more.

The City Council of Benahadux has replaced recently its old suction sweeper for a new dragging sweeper Piquersa BA-2300H.

After more than 10 years cleaning the town streets with a suction sweeper, this last summer the council decided it was time to retire this machine and change to a new sweeper which is better suited to the new reality of the municipality.

Piquersa BA2300 - BenahaduxThe Council Technical Staff discussed the different options available in the market, and they decided that the BA-2300H sweeper could meet all their needs and incorporate important advantages.

After several demonstrations with different models of sweepers, it was confirmed that the BA-2300H drag sweeper provided the same sweeping quality as  other more expensive suction models; even in certain urban waste its performance is higher, so the Piquersa sweeper can cover a greater variety of waste.

Likewise, Antonio Gomez (Services Area Councillor) underlined the simplicity and maintenance low cost of this model by incorporating a very low level of electronics components compared to the sophisticated systems in the suction sweepers. Of course this advantage will result in a higher saving from the short term. He also stressed that the fuel consumption and particulate and noise emissions will be lower, so it is not required a more powerful engine.

The two cubic meters of capacity of the BA-2300H sweeper and its technical features and improvements compared to suction sweepers, confirm the conclusion that the drag sweeping of Piquersa was the best option for the Council.

The new BA-2300H is already working and at full performance in Benahadux.

Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco is the most dynamic and modern city in the neighboring country.

Piquersa - Puerto Casablanca

It has a sizeable fleet of Piquersa Road Sweepers for cleaning its streets and boulevards through the Cleaning Contract obtained by the French multinational SUEZ, leader in the International Waste Management Sector.

The port of Casablanca is one of the largest into the country and also one of the biggest into African continent, and they have placed their trust to sweep its bulk docks with two PIQUERSA sweepers.

Recently, other dry port and docks are being cleaned by few units of Piquersa sweepers model BA-2000H, through the company SOMAPORT, that belongs to the French giant CMA-CGM (a  global leading operator for maritime transport).

After a thorough study of customer needs, the proposition of our models has been well received and highly valued.

Piquersa - Casablanca

Although they have had other offers from different brands present in the country, the final decision has been in favor for PIQUERSA by our clear advantages: Sweeping Quality, Robustness, Simplicity and maintenance and exploitation low costs.

Thanks to our great customers and distributors for their trust and their excellent testimonials.
Piquersa - Trituradora Dear friends, this month we want to write about Waste Treatment Plants and the incredible work that Piquersa Sweepers develop in such areas.

These places have a high requirement regarding to ground cleaning due to the high volume and variety of waste that is accumulated every minute. We can say that this is a challenge that Piquersa achieves and approves which high note. This is not just our opinion. This is what our customers say.

What has prompted us to write this article is the special case of Almeria city, where the Waste Treatment Plant is managed by CESPA – FERROVIAL and a Piquersa sweeper is being used practically non-stop, for more than 15 years. The sweeper is BA-1500-AC, our simplest model; however the numbers are not so simple, but very difficult to match. They speak for themselves and it is worth sharing with you:

THE CHALLENGE: Street Cleaning at Waste Treatment Plants.
Piquersa - Barredora RSU
  • 15 years non stop working
  • 15 working hours per day – double turn
  • 60.000 working hours (total)
  • 700.000 square kilometers of sweeping area

These numbers reflect a Great Performance and this is due to Piquersa is a Great Sweeper.

¿What is the secret?

… less, is MORE

Piquersa Sweepers are characterized by their Simplicity, Resistance and High Performance.
Lets see more deeply:
  • A System based on 100% Mechanical sweeping: High efficiency with a simple design. Two lateral brushes and one central brush with 1,4 m length and 50 cm of diameter, that are able to drag and pick up any debris in its path. No matter the volume, weight or material.
  • Resistance to long Working Days, thanks to the high quality material that ensure a long life machine. The sweeper showed on this post is the best example.
  • As said before, they are 100% based on hydraulics and mechanical components with 0% electronics. The objective is to obtain an easy, quick and economic maintenance. It mainlyy consist on the replacement of oil filters and brushes. This permits to enjoy one of the lowest exploitation costs of the market.

… You will need a high provision of brushes, due to Piquersa never stops.

Piquersa - Barredora





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