Piquersa - Academia Militar Aire - San Javier
Both the Air Force, as Earth Force and the Navy, have already chosen repetedly PIQUERSA equipment for their cleaning, maintenance and construction tasks in multiple centers and quarters.

This time, it has been the General Academy of Air Force of San Javier (Murcia) who has opted for the PIQUERSA BA-2300H sweeper for cleaning its facilities.

The Academy of San Javier is very close to the sea and has extensive vegetation, which means aggressive and special working conditions. The final decision of a BA-2300H has been motivated by its robustness, sweeping quality and simple maintenance.

In other centers of the three Armies, dumper sweepers have been chosen to use the machine in mixed tasks for cleaning, construction and transport of materials. In all cases, the satisfaction of the different quarters with the drag sweep compared to suction sweep has been verified. The easy maintenance has also been highlighted.

PIQUERSA is proud to be an official supplier of the Army and contribute to its maintenance.
Piquersa - Navidad
The machines remain in time in the same way as good actions. From PIQUERSA we will continue offering our best in this year that begins and we hope to share with you.
Piquersa - San Salvador
On October 23rd, our Area Manager for Central and South America, Miguel Hernández, delivered through our dealer in the country, MOTORED, our Piquersa Eco team, BA2300H - FULL EQUIPE to the Mayor of San Salvador, Mr. Ernesto Muyshondt

Piquersa continues to increase its international presence and is already one of the most important references to take into account in Latin America for equipment of Urban Cleaning for its reliability, optimal results, human team available to its customers and as always ... by the assurance of its brand.
Piquersa - Suproval
After several years with very reduced sales of concrete mixers, important growths are being experienced during the last two years.

Throughout the recent crisis, many renters and builders not only stopped acquiring concrete mixers, but also flooded the market with second-hand units. These two facts made sales of new concrete mixers fall tremendously.

Overcome these bad years and in the absence of equipment in the market, the trade of new concrete mixers has awakened strongly and allowed PIQUERSA to recover the prominent position it had in this sector.

The H-625T4-DG model has always been the most demanded among professionals due to its 4x4 traction, mixing system and rotating discharge system. PIQUERSA has other similar models with front discharge or 4x2 traction, in addition to a cubic meter model (H-1000H) with hydrostatic transmission, water tank and rotating driving base.

Suproval, an important renter in Valencia has been one of the first to incorporate several units into its park and estimates this demand will continue to grow at least over the next year. Its development program plans to continue investing in this sector until it reaches one of the
Piquesa - BA6000H
The BA-6000H PLUS was born according to the requests of one of the most important cleaning companies Worldwide, and now, the last two units of an order or five units have just been delivered.

Both the design and the manufacturing stages of the new BA-6000H PLUS model have been carried out in record time to meet the request of the customer, who already has a large fleet of different models of PIQUERSA sweepers.  

PIQUERSA dragging sweepers are the most intelligent, profitable and reliable solution on the market, as evidenced by the trust placed by our customers. All this together with the training and after-sale service anywhere in the world.
Piquersa - Uruguay
Recently PIQUERSA has signed a distribution agreement with the Uruguayan company CORPORACIÓN DE MAQUINARIA, COMASA, S.A. for the supply of its dumper, concrete mixers and road sweepers throughout the American country.

After some succesful negotiations, Miguel Hernández, Commercial Area Manager of PIQUERSA for the American continent, highlighted the great progress PIQUERSA takes in the region at the hands of COMASA, a benchmark in Uruguay.

COMASA has ten offices throughout the country and more than 150 professionals dedicated to provide the best service with the best products on the market and from now on, with PIQUERSA models.

PIQUERSA consolidates its presence throughout Latin America, establishing important alliances with the best local partners that offer to its customers the excellence of its products.
Piquersa - Colaboración con la Universidad de Almería y la Asociación Asalsido-Down
Beyond being a reference in the manufacture of road construction and cleaning machinery, PIQUERSA is a company sensitive to its environment, committed to the community and strives to repay the trust its customers have placed in promoting programs that benefit the society. A responsible social policy implemented through active contribution through different social promotion agencies.

The last project has been in collaboration with the University of Almeria and the Association Asalsido-Down through the course "Professional Expert in the field of employment with support" whose objective is the integration of disabled people in the workplace. For three months, the Piquersa staff has supervised the work practices of a student with Asperger's syndrome, developing different activities in the area of goods reception.

The assessment of the student, Association and PIQUERSA has been very satisfactory, highlighting the learning and personal enrichment, so that other collaborations are already being prepared for the next course.
The dumper D-4000H-DG is one of the most representative models of PIQUERSA and the Galician company GRUPO TORNEIRO has just added four new units to its machinery park.

  Piquersa TorneiroTorneiro is a leader company in Galicia in the sectors of supply and rental of machinery for public works and street cleaning, with a large park of machinery of the most prestigious brands in the market. In order to meet the most demanding needs of its customers, the Galician company has no doubt, the D-4000H-DG PIQUERSA is the best option.  

The D-4000H-DG PIQUERSA is the only dumper on the market with a load capacity of 4,000 kg and a rigid chassis that allows to avoid the drawbacks of other dumpers of articulated chassis but without sacrificing the maneuverability. The most adverse work situations are overcome without problems thanks to the patented anti-skid system and 4x4 transmission with wheel motors. The 180º rotating hopper allows easy unloading, an it also has the highest volumetric capacity in its segment.  

The Piquersa range of 4,000Kg dumpers is completed with other models of front unloading and self-loading rotating discharge, together with a wide set of optionals that facilitate their adaptation to the particular conditions of each user. The D-4000H series of PIQUERSA is the maximum expression of robustness, reliability and performance that professionals seek, so thanks to the strong expansion of GRUPO TORNEIRO increases its offer in Galicia
In its aim to meet the most specific needs of its customers, PIQUERSA has developed the sweeper variant BA-6000H PLUS for a customer from Saudi Arabia.

If in the past, the BA-6000H was born to meet the specific requests of customers where the main objective was to have a large load capacity sweeper (up to 3,500 Kg.), the PLUS version additionally provides a hopper of 2,700 liters and a new 61 HP turbo engine.

With the BA-6000H PLUS, PIQUERSA gives a solution to the specific needs of its customers in the Middle East, where working conditions are extremely hard. The presence of large amounts of sand from deserts, bulky objects and extreme temperatures make it necessary to use sweepers with great robustness and able to endure the hardest working conditions; but at the same time without refusing the best possible finish in the cleaning of pavements.

PIQUERSA MAQUINARIA has a wide range of sweepers, all characterized by the unique PIQUERSA sweeping system and which adapt to the specific conditions of each job. The possibility of personalization of each model through a wide list of optionals ensures maximum performance.

PIQUERSA sweepers have become synonymous with reliability, performance, easy maintenance and durability, so these are the reasons for which the great national and international contractors trust in PIQUERSA.
Piquersa - Minco - Latinoamérica
PIQUERSA bets for international markets, where it continues to consolidate its presence as a benchmark in the Urban Cleaning and Construction Sectors.

From its Latin American delegation based in Santiago de Chile, PIQUERSA continues to carry out business in the American Continent, becoming one of the most reliable options in terms of product quality, after-sales service and customer service.

MINCO MAQUINARIAS S.A.,  PIQUERSA official distributor for the construction division in Chile, has incorporated the D-1750 and D-2500 Dumpers series into its machinery fleet. The commitment of the Chilean company has been strong with the acquisition of several units that will allow it to provide an integral service to its customers and strengthen its image as a benchmark for the sector in the Andean country.

Where some do not find a solution, PIQUERSA HAS THE ANSWER
The construction sector in Spain has increased notably its growth rate in 2018. In this way, the sales of PIQUERSA concrete mixers have also increased, as they are one of the brands preferred by construction professionals and rental companies.

Some of the reasons for the preference for our green concrete mixers are their constructive characteristics, such as the exclusive mixing system that allows to obtain a homogeneous mixture from beginning to end in less time. We can also achieve saving in the long term maintenance thanks to the easy cleaning of the mixing drum, that avoids having to chop or replace it, guaranteeing high performance during the whole life of the machine.
Piquersa Hormigonera
PIQUERSA has models of 625 and 1,000 liters of capacity, in 4x2 and 4x4 versions and with frontal or turning discharge, allowing adapting to the specific needs of each customer: municipalities, builders or renters.

During the crisis years, construction companies and renters threw off of a large part of their machinery stock, so it is expected an important growth during the next three years.





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